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The Statement

We, the people of the United States, make known our will that before any order for military action against North Korea is given which could commit the United States to war, the Congress must first debate the matter and approve.

The lives of our service members are far too precious to risk in a war that the American people do not agree is necessary and may not support.

Diplomatic means of dealing with the threat from North Korea have yet to be exhausted.  There is still hope for an effective non-military solution.  If the president has tried every non-lethal means to keep America safe and believes military action is the last option remaining, then let him publicly make his case.

The Constitution is unequivocal: the President does have the authority to respond to an attack on the United States with all the force at his command, but only the Congress has the authority to authorize a war of choice.

We, the people, insist on a return to the constitutional exercise of the war powers and demand a voice in the decision as to whether the US should go to war.

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